Top best free vsti synthesizers

{ for those who are completely newbies here, a synthesizer is a sound generator, all electronic music have some kinda synth doing the job, be it a software or a real hardware and in one sentence “a synthesizer generates different sound waves through oscillators, those sound waves are passed through filters to change the characteristics of the sound and then a ADSR envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release) or a LFO (low frequency oscillators) modules gives additional changes to how the main oscillator or a filter works in time, and by thus giving/making more possibilities with the waves to produce a wide variety of sounds, synths are also capable of modeling/imitate real life instruments such as guitar, piano or drums) }

in a search for VSTi plugins the software synthesizers are the one which is sure to make our brain go crazy they are like sands on a desert, loads and loads of em in the free and commercial how to choose or list the best will only go with user priority…anyways here’s a lil list :)

the first place to check about nice synths are the KVR audio’s products rank page (contains list of user rated plugins both free and commercial)

and for sometime, it’s been Ichiro Toda’s Synth1 topping the charts for the free vst synth

(list not in any performance order)

1 ) Synth1 (Ichiro Toda)

if I have to describe this in one sentence, then it’s “a nice synth, contains all the basic features, sounds average, have a huge user presets database, easy on system (DAW) but less modulation functions”

2) Sonigen Modular (Chris Jones)

and in one sentence, “High quality sound, good presets, modular, easy on cpu and monster sounds but no parameter automation in DAW”

few others will put links and descriptions later

u-he TyrellN6, u-he Zebrallette, u-he Bazille beta, Crystal softsynth, TAL-Noisemaer, Elektro etc

after free ones comes an amazing bundle of plugins from Computer Music magazine
that’s the world’s cheapest plugin collection, (around 5$ dollar from zinio digital purchase, you can add the magazine to computermagazine’s vault site and then download the stuffs from there, usually there will be a collection of around 300MB plugins, both effects and synths, then there’s alchemy CM edition around 600 MB separately
the highlights are SynthmasterCM, ZebraCM, DuneCM, etc

and finally when you start making money with your music you can purchase, u-he Zebra (200$) or Native Instruments Komplete 8 (600$) which contains seperate heavy weight synths and lots of sampled instruments if were to purchase individually will cost maybe 3000$ or more even Komplete elements is a nice buy (50$) which contains 7 synths/ensemble for the reaktor player including a great one named SPARK but am not going into much details as there are lots of youtube videos for the high end softwares but if you have any kind of doubts please feel free to ask on the comment section below :)

(will add more details soon)

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