Best Free Grand Piano VSTi’s

Free Piano Virtual Instruments (VSTi ) for Songs, MIDI recording

Check the basics for MIDI recording here

Sound comparison demo here

(2013 March update)
Download links :
Piano One
sforzando Free( VST ) Steinway Jazzlite

Hipasonic Sampled Series

Kontakt Free player available at
Sampletank player available at

1 ) Pianoteq

(Trial – but good for 20 mins MIDI recording for all keys, but in playback mode certain black keys are disabled (25 MB)

Since it’s easy to record, you can record your MIDI data using this and process the data with other VSTi’s listed here, (if ur composition contains those non-working black keys )

2) Yannleo Accentor (50 MB)

3 ) General Piano (Safwan Matni) (60 MB ) (no settings )

4) 1 ) CV Piano ( Tascam ) (160 MB )

5 ) Prova (Safwan Matni ) ( 27 MB) (no settings )

7 ) DSK Akoustik Keys (20 MB )

7 ) 4f Piano (30 MB ) (no settings )


Other trial versions to check are True Pianos, Pianissimo etc


There’s also some great Piano Soundfonts out there, will post about it next time and will add sample renderings too :)


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Native Instruments and IK Multimedia Samples

Song recoding with good quality instruments

Free High Quality Virtual Music Instruments from the Giants in the market (Official release )

Native Instruments ( )

Native instruments gives free player for it’s products which have got some good sound samples which can be manipulated and loaded into you digital workstations

One such software is the Free Kontakt Player (about 1 GB download inc sample ) after loading it with Factory samples we can use it on a DAW’s or Live record from Audio stream

Other free downloads includes Reaktor Player with Carbon Synthesizer as Factory samples, Kore Player, Mikro Prism , and Guitar Rig, though free it requires registraion via internet

IK Multimedia ( )

Sample Tank another collection of great free sound samples vsti’s ( about 500 MB ) works just like the above mentioned Native Instrument software, needs free registration via internet