Komplete elements Testdrive

A quick track testing recently bought Native Instruments Komplete elements there’s 4 instances of Kontakt (1 Vienna strings, 1 Abbey Roads, 1 Urban beats and 1 Tabla ) with 3 Instances of Reaktor ( 2 Spark and 1 Steampipe2) one of the Spark has automation in it … this is a mastered version with Reverberate CM and basic multi compression, EQ and a Maximizer .. please enjoy!, thanks :)
(PS: as this was done very quick this track uses quantization so strings won’t play perfectly )

well, SPARK alone is worth the purchase as they are selling it for 50$ and elements is also 50$, other instruments which I like frm elements collection is the Aerobic, Steampipe2 (Reaktor) Vienna strings and brass ensemble, band, urban beats etc.. the included tabla samples are very good.. added with the free factory sounds this is a c/komplete and quality vst studio)

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