Free DAW’s

Free Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s)

DAW’s are audio processing software with lot features, like multi track recording from different midi devices or inputs from microphone, processing it with virtual instruments (VSTi’s), effects and finally creating mp3, wav outputs, and the big commercial products includes, Cubase, Logic, Protools, Reason, Ableton, Sonar, ACID pro etc etc.. but do we really need them ? unless we are into commercial music production, we can get our work done with some good freeware DAW’s out there, personally I haven’t tested the big products ( have only read the features ) so from a hobbyist, pianists point of view, I would like to share some good Digital Audio Workstations

1 ) Reaper

Though it’s not free, it’s a never expire full software with 5 second delay (splash window) every time it starts, (and it only costs $60 compared to that of other DAW’s in the range of $200-$600, reaper is really affordable, I will soon buy it :) ) it has excellent midi controls, and all the features of other giant DAW’s in market including VSTi support

2 ) LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio )

This one has an interface like FL Studio, LMMS is opensource and supports VSTi plugins,

3 ) Studio one 2 (free version)
doesn’t have vst support (for the free version), but has a native plugin named presence and contains a wide variety of free sounds to create some cool and original tracks


4) SONY ACID Xpress (Requires free registration)

A free 10 track version of ACID pro, is useful for midi track recording or loops based music making

5) F L Studio (Demo)

with demo version we can’t save projects, but can process audio, beats and export as mp3 or wav


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